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Health Orders

Executive Orders

Orders by Gov. Greg Abbott.

Education & Enforcement

Education & Compliance Task Forces.

Local Directives

01/02/2021 – Second Amendment to the Sixth Local Emergency Directive

10/15/2020 – Sixth Local Emergency Directive

Emergency Ordinances

02/01/2021 - Emergency Ordinance No. 019036 (Emergency Measures)

02/01/2021 - Re-Enacting Emergency Ordinance 019035 Extending Disaster Declaration

02/01/2021 - Re-Enactment of Emergency Ordinance No. 019091 (Emergency Measures) Third Re-enactment

Directiva Locales

10/15/2020 – Sexta Enmienda a la Directiva de Emergencia Local

09/18/2020 - Quinta Enmienda a la Directiva de Emergencia Local

El Paso County Orders

Click here to review the order issued by the County.

Health Authority Orders

02/17/2021 - Guidance for Visitation Facility-Based Elderly Long-Term Care Service Providers

02/07/2021 - Youth Sports Safety Protocols

01/07/2021 – Orders for Home-based Providers that Care for the Elderly

01/06/2021 – Orders for Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Facilities

10/27/2020 – Orders for Funeral Homes and Mortuaries

10/05/2020 – School Re-Opening Thresholds

07/27/2020 – Orders for Release from Home Isolation

07/27/2020 – Orders for Workplaces

07/27/2020 – Orders for Facilities that Provide Care for the Elderly (excluding Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Facilities)

07/27/2020 – Orders for Homeless Service Providers

06/12/2020 – Orders for Outdoor Sale Stands (Firework Sales and Others)