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Education & Enforcement

COVID-19 Compliance Task Force & Violation Reporting

The City of El Paso issued an emergency ordinance that incorporates Gov. Greg Abbott’s executive orders. The ordinance outlines the requirements to be followed by residents and businesses for the health and safety of the community and to slow the spread of COVID-19.

Below please find information regarding the COVID-19 Education Task Force and the Compliance Task Force.

The Education Task Force conducts targeted efforts to education organizations who provide services to the elderly population with the community.

COVID-19 Education Task Force

Data as of Feb. 18
Site Visits: 14,645
Flyers Distributed: 205,106
People Reached: 39,747

The Compliance Task Force is made up of the Fire Marshal and Public Health Department. The El Paso Police Department and Sheriff’s Office also investigate complaints, as well as issue complaints, warnings and citations

COVID-19 Compliance Task Force (Fire Marshal & Health Dept)

Data as of Feb. 18
Inspections: 35,145
Warnings: 1,401
Citations: 277

COVID-19 Mitigation Task Force (El Paso Police Dept & Health Dept)

Data as of Feb. 15
Calls for Service: 4,461
Self-initiated Contacts: 6,989
Warnings: 721
Citations: 91

Sheriff's Office

Data as of Feb. 15
COVID Information: 261
Violation in Progress: 452

COVID-19 Enforcement Report